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tv   Fox 29 Morning News at 4a  FOX  October 31, 2014 4:00am-5:01am EDT

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and now his freedom. >> accused cop killer, eric frein captured and will face a preliminary a rainment to day, what prosecutors want to see as a punishment. breaking news overnight fire displaced dozens of residents in west till a a fire fighter and one other person have been sent to the hospital. we're live on the scene. our sue serio tracking your trick or treating weather. >> oh, boy we have a spooky night ahead but lots of fun in between now and then. wait until you see the forecast for the weekend, it is all just ahead in your creepy weather authority forecast. >> all right. >> and then we have made it through the week without a septa strike but will commuters still have a ride next week?
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that is the big question today, when septa will make their decision. good day, everybody it is friday october 31st, 2014 happy halloween. >> you look spectacular. >> we have a running bet how many times we will say that during the show today. i bet it will be a lot. >> yes, this is our last day. >> well, you know something we don't. >> any pun we have, this is our last chance we will use it. >> i mean bob kelly, we cannot quit right now. >> i don't think we're quitting as much as we will be expired. >> it just looks so darn good. you think we will have a big giant moon, maybe. we will have clouds, creepiness, temperatures in the 50's, we will a mend that coming up. satellite and radar picture shows not too much in the way of cloud cover and that is why it is chillier this morning then it was yesterday. here's an off shore storm, it
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wasn't here yesterday, it will be a nor'easter and will give us a problem over the weekend. in the only that we have this coal front that is heading our way by the even of the weekend as well, look at these temperatures, 28 degrees in mount pocono. forty-two in philadelphia, only 32 in pottstown and allentown at 44 degrees in lancaster. thirty-six millville, 41 in wildwood. so, you will will's have to bundle will up more this morning, temperatures are as much as five to 10 degrees colder then they were yesterday at this time. wind speeds are not extreme but that makes it feel that much more chillier out there. it will be a brisk wait for the bus today. 42 degrees is our temperature in the city. the this is our sunrise time. 7:29 this morning. yesterday it was first day this week we have been cooler then average, 60 degrees was our high, average high, 62, 58 is all we're expect to go day with mostly sunny skies. let's call it freak y friday because it is halloween. that is what we have northwesterly breeze at 5 miles an hour but more wind
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and on is rain over weekend we will have that coming up. now if you weren't with us yesterday after 7:00 o'clock perhaps you don't know, that our traffic guy is here. it is bob kelly. >> good morning, everybody. second day on the job, and we're working through some construction delays here on the route 202 corridor out near king of prussia for anybody coming from malvern heading in toward center city they have a new stretch of roadway. we're repaving all through the the overnight just something to surprise you on this halloween morning. otherwise we're in good shape, speedometer readings looking g double five as on all of our major roadways but it is nice and quiet quick of the morning rush hour. we will take it. an accident on route 202 northbound right in that construction zone between the two and route 401. there is another crash a along the sumanytown pike right at dekalb peak but otherwise for gang leaving south jersey we're in good shape on all major roadways up to and over the bridges and mass transit
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looking good with no reported delays. >> welcome, buddy. >> a awesome having me. >> my first time in the morning with you guys, officially, i was hiding behind the scene. >> we were not allowed to utter your name yesterday. >> i was so nervous, that we pulled it off niceliy like warm hugs. >> warm hugs to begin our morning. >> kerry, back over to you. >> thank you. 40:00 46789 big news this morning, eric frein, survivor list accused on have ambushing two pennsylvania state troopers is captured after a 48 day manhunt. frein was not only the most wanted man in pennsylvania, but he was also on the fbi ease most wanted list. this morning their web side says he's capture. >> frein was found last night in an abandoned airplane hanger by team of u.s. marshals 30 miles from the barracks in the pocono mountains where allegedly opened fire. he will ab rain this morning at pike county courthouse. >> prosecutors say at this point they plan to seek the
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death penalty the. frein is charge with shooting two state troopers a a the blooming grove state police barracks killing corporal brian dickson and wounding trooper alex douglass. after his arrest frein was placed in dickson's handcuffs and car. police say he surrendered peacefully kneeling and putting his hands up when the the marshals approached him. >> it end weeks of tension and turmoil as authorities close schools, canceled outdoor events and block roads to pursue him. residents grew rear i, as local businesses reported losses as people were forced to stay inside their homes. law enforcement closed miles of forest using dogs, thermal imaging technology and other tools. douglass and his family, as well as dickson's family relief and gratitude over frein's arrest. it was so emotional. we carried it live here on fox 29, at his funeral, friend and family described him a as a devoted husband and father who took his work very seriously.
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douglass was shot in the pelvis and critically injured in that ambush and hospitalized until earlier this month when he was discharged to rehabilitation facility. state police say they were determined to find frein, no matter how long it took. >> eric frein had a mission and that was to attack law enforcement. if he got out of those woods, we were very concerned that he would then kill other law enforcement and if not them, civilians. that is why we had to keep the pressure on him. we weren't going to stop until this fugitive was arrested. i'm glad that it ended, without any other loss of life, including his. >> now our steve keeley is heading to pike county right now. he will have have a live report, coming up later this morning. all right. 4:06. breaking news right now early morning fire rips through a west philadelphia a apartment building sending residents and fire fighter to the hospital
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and leaving several families homeless. >> fox 29's lauren johnson in west philadelphia with this story for us, lauren, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, chris. fire crews are out here on the scene and peco crews out here as well, still very active at this hour. red cross worker said at last check there are 66 people at the the shelter this morning. they will all be warm and taken care of on this halloween morning. lets show you video of the big flames that broke out here around 11:45 last night. multiple floors were engulfed in fast moving flames, and looking at this video it is amazing no one was seriously injured. one person and one fire fighter were taken to the hospital. we caught up with a few people that lived here. listen to them describe the flame. >> i smelled smoke but i didn't hear it on my side. i live on the right-hand side. when i came out the whole third floor was an inferno.
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it was up in flames. it was going to the roof. they escorted me out. >> i have never seen a fire like this the day in my life. i have never seen it. there was flames, fire, every where up there. this is worst firey ever witnessed in my life. >> we are here in the 6200 block of chestnut street this large apartment fire has been placed at least 60 people were preparing for 60 people at the shelter. we are working with the emergency management officials to open up a shelter a at sayre high school at 5800 block of walnut street. anybody displaced by this fire should go over to sayre high school and check in where they will get information, and have a place to stay if they need a place to stay. >> reporter: that number is up to 66, four of those are young children but they are safe and sound this morning chris and kerr which a warm place to stay on this chilly october morning.
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>> that is in most important thing, right now at 42 degrees. 4:08. big lawsuit over these gowns used by doctors and nurses treating ebola why they may be to blame for american health
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the the most important thing you need to know this morning is it is chillier then it was yesterday. we have temperatures in the mountains in the 20's, this morning, where we're at freezing in allentown and pottstown. 44 degrees in lancaster.
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forty-two in the city. always a little milder in the city. 39 degrees wilmington. forty-one in wildwood. we do have have a couple systems a affecting our wet they are weekend. this just formed coastal low we mentioned yesterday but now that it is here we can talk about the effect that will have have tomorrow and a cold front, reenforcing the chillier air that is already here over the weekend but no rain is in the forecast for had halloween. so all systems go for trick or treating. temperature trend, do you remember tuesday when we got up to 76 degrees? we won't be seeing that high temperature for a while. yesterday the high was only 60 degrees. today, 58, kind of chilly but we will see some sunshine. tonight's low temperature about 45 in the city, and 30's in the suburbs and we will talk about the weekend coming up. lets get back to this morning and the roads. at least we don't have the fog this morning bob kelly. >> no, we don't but you are right, it is chilly. if you pulled the car in the
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driveway or garage last night with that fan on high, turn it down, it is all cold air coming 3ut of there this morning. we are looking live, vine street expressway crews are replacing on of light bulbs in the overhead signs this morning. is there only one lane lane opened from the schuylkill over to i-95. otherwise we are in good shape in problems a at all coming down 95 for gang in northeast philadelphia, conshohocken curve looking good on the schuylkill expressway. we have one situation in bucks county falls township route 13 right here near tyburn road construction crews out there blocking one of the lanes. otherwise mass transit looking good. chris, back over to you good as you are, sir thanks for being here. police searching for a gunman wanted in a deadly shooting in north philadelphia. >> this happened yesterday, at 11th and poplar streets. police say a 28 year-old man was shot seven times and taken to the hospital where he was pronounced dead. no word on a suspect or a motive. have we have made it through most of the week without word of a septa strike but septa riders are still on edge, waiting to hear if they
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will have a way to get around, septa riders are on pins and needles waiting to hear if they will to have figure out a different way to get to work or do whatever else. employees union will decide by the end on the day today whether they will walk off the job or not. also promising to give 24 hours notice before hit ago this picket line. that is critical, with something like this. workers have been without a contract now for months. key sticking points, still wage increases and the length of contracts. 4700 workers are part of this union. septa officials say is there a backup plan in place in case they strike but it will affect mass transit, monday morning. husband of the delaware state senator charged with stealing rival republican political signs, this is 54 year-old dana long turning himself into police yesterday. he was caught red handed in this you tube rid yes that you will see. he has been seen carrying signs to his car in the middle of the night. police say frustrated campaign volunteers shot video of the
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theft. long is married to democratic senator bethenny hall-long, running begins john man marino on tuesday. she had in clue her husband was taking signs down. her husband is out on one. take a look at this, this is what we have all been waiting to see, happening right now accused cop killer eric frein in the back of the cop car and finally, after weeks, there he is, captured. he was found in an abandoned airport hanger by u.s. marshals after 48 days on the run. now authorities are revealing new details about the search for frein. police say that they linked the 31 year-old survivor list to the ambush after a man walking his dog discovered frein's partly submerge jeep in the swamp three days after the shooting. insides investigators found shell casing matching those at barracks as well as frein's driver's license. camouflage face paint, two empty rifle cases and military gear. by the end of president police found items believed frein had
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had hidden in the wood including food, ammunition and two pipe bombs. they found a journal at that campsite which offered detailed account of the shooting. during in month of october hundreds of law enforcement officials descended on that area to find frein, police spotted a man they believed was him and at several points during the search but it was always from a distance and then finally, yesterday he was captured, surrounded, without a shot. so many details, continue to come in about this. steve keeley is on his way to the pocono mountains we will have a live report from him in pike county in just a few minutes, kerry. 4:15. governor of in maine is going after a nurse refuses to self quarantine after treating ebola victims. tracie hick ox a a arrived in new jersey from west africa over this past weekend. new jersey put her in a mandatory quarantine in the hospital but released her on monday. yesterday, back home in maine she decided to go for a bike right around her town instead of staying in her home.
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>> how does it feel to be on the road. >> amazing. >> in maine would like hickox to stay at her home until health officials clear her but she's not greek to do that. governor says negotiation was her have have broken down. he says he is ready to exercise the full extent of his authority to protect the public. as many as 1500 of her neighbors have signed a petition pleading with her to stay inside for the as of this point, voluntary quarantine. they cannot really force her to at this point but that may change. >> yes. >> 4:17 is your time. 500 million-dollar lawsuit has been filed against a maker of kimberly clark surgical gowns. suit alleged that the company falsely claim its gowns met the highest standards for protecting against ebola and other infectious diseases president it was filed on behalf of a surgeon who wore those gowns. lawsuit says kimberly clark knew for a year that the gowns failed industry tests and allowed transfer have bodily
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fluids, bacteria and viruses. a dallas nurse who recovered from ebola will be reunited with her dog sequester since its owner became civil. king charles spaniel named bentley is in quarantine in an abandoned navy base in dallas. his owner nina pham was diagnosed with ebola earl they're month. she has since recovered. officials said her dog tested negative for ebola and her 21 day quarantine end tomorrow. moving to the national news, faa is investigating a deadly plane crash in kansas. officials say four people, including the pilot, died when a small plane crashed into a flight training building in a kansas airport. investigators say the pilot reported losing engine power. >> it is not an intentionallal act. we have been working with the federal bureau of investigation. we're comfortable in saying that this is an aviation accident. >> five other people were injured from the fire that was caused by that crash. the the man who led his
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shaken city through boston marathon bombing has passed away. thomas manino was boston's lodgees serving mayor and one of the most bee love. he was it i's first italian american mayor and served more than 20 years. doctors diagnosed manino with advanced cancer if february, shortly after he left office. he was men for his folksy manner. mayor manino was 71 years old. two women in florida facing charges of abuse an elderly alzheimer's patient. >> so police say nanny cam caught them torturing this 76 year-old man, who does this stuff? victim's son says he set it up after noticing random bruises on his father. police say video shows the nursing assistants tameika jones and rose blade hitting and kicking him even making him punch himself. those women are facing battery and other related charges n light of this video more people are coming for saying their loved ones may have been
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mistreated as well. >> my husband is in here and he has talked about rough treatment from the staff on the weekend staff. >> no word on if any other charges will be filed against these women. police say they are being held in jail, without bail. lets turn to this at 4:20, california high school cheerleader defying odd, she's first deaf cheer lead tore land a coveted spot on the cheer leading squad, for ileana delgado there is no beat, there is no music, there is no noise just silence while this is going on. that is her world. while it has been will challenge she says her squad is there for her support. >> i feel good about myself. on times i do feel frustrated because i struggle if i cannot hear something but people encourage me and i keep going on. >> i put it on because ileana
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earned it. she tried out just like every other girl. she work hard just like every other girl. her scores fell in the lines just like every other girl. >> ileana wants to serve as a good example that no matter what your circumstance with hard work, you can accomplish anything. >> that is so cool. >> yes. 4:21 right now. you know what that means. we're ready for a spooktacular forecast. >> does your neighborhood look like this? wow. yes, this is the day, and this will be the night when we trick or treat. now this really isn't the entire truth, bone chilling breezes but it is chillier then yesterday and let's face it, it is illustration so we will do it. halloween forecast for trick or treating is dry, now we do have some rain on the way but not until tomorrow so we should be fine for this evening even though we will have mostly cloudy skies, so to take you through the rest
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of the day, unshine at 8:00 a.m. in the lower 40's in the city, 30's in the suburbs. fifty-five by lunchtime and by 6:00 o'clock it is a creepy 58 degrees because you know bob, six is sun set. >> sun goes down, and the fun begins. good morning, everybody. friday, happy halloween a live look looking at the the cue kill expressway for gang coming towards downtown philadelphia eastbound right here near belmont avenue work crews are out there repairing that cement concrete barrier taking out left lane. construction crew still out here north on 202 towards king of prussia, down to only one lane. or wise south jersey is looking good. speedometer readings where they should be for this hour of the morning and a lot of folks on edge with a possible septa strike. you will be good to go this morning. buses, trains, trolleys all looking good with no reported delays. chris, back over to you. lebron james is going back to the start, to his big come
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good morning i'm howard eskin. flyers were going for their fourth straight last nights. lets go to tampa. it didn't happen. flyers down three-two on the power play, tampa the shot against ray emery the score, jason garisson. they win four-three. safety nate allen, i know you remember was player beaten on a touch town last sunday in
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arizona he suffered a groin injury which kept him out of practice all last week. still not sure he will will play sunday verse houston. >> take it day today, man. that is just really with the hamstring is, it is a day to day thing. i'm talking to the doctor and coaches and it is all based on how i feel. >> how does it feel today. >> good, good. better than it did yesterday. i did more than i did yesterday. that is a positive. >> center jason kelce looks like he will be back on sunday from that hernia surgery. todd herremans practicing with the first team. that is sports in a minute. i'm howard eskin. 4:26. lebron james return to the place where he got his professional start, cleveland, the cavilers taking on the new york knicks last night, his home coming game did not prove as positive for cleveland
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fans. >> let me assure you from everybody here, justice will be served. >> and day one of that process, starts today, a accused cop killer eric frein is now in custody, what prosecutors are diagnosis for when he faces a judge. then among the ghosts and goblins and the gules, stand a bride and a groom. not just part of the parade you see here but the unusual halloween treat they have in
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i cannot even explain what i'm feeling right now, this is a awesome. we are so proud of our pennsylvania state police, their hard work. >> teachers in the pocono mountains are breathing so much easier this morning, accused cop killer, eric frein is in custody, the first step obvious advertise starts to take. and then flames erupt overnight in west philadelphia leaving residents out in the cold. their belongings destroyed. the recovery efforts right now. one of the most dangerous areas in the delaware valley could be getting a big pick me up why residents say they can finally feel safe walking streets again good day, everyone it is friday october 31st, 2014. happy halloween. >> indeed it is, it is chill think morning. but that is okay. we're ready to go. >> on a another just note we have been talking about eric frein being out there for six weeks. what timing, sue serio he has been caught before halloween so there is a sigh of relief for kids in the poconos mountains to take.
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>> yes, it was canceled. now it is back on. so, that is a good thing. now, it is just about 4:31. we will check your trick or treating forecast for tonight, you see lightening. we don't expect any lightening, thunder or rain tonight. in fact it will be cloudy and creepy with temperatures in the 50's while trick or treating. so maybe a sweater under that costume for little ones. satellite and radar showing a few clouds here and there. it looks decent out there but the reason, that we're watching the weekend is because we have two storms a coastal storm which just formed. we didn't see that one coming earlier in the week but we had indications mid week and then a cold front that will also be chilling us out for sunday. so, that is about it with that. these are temperatures walking out the door. freezing in allentown, pottstown, 42 degrees in philadelphia but only 28 in mount pocono. we've got 39 degrees in wilmington and 41 in wildwood.
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that is a temperature that is about 10 degrees colder then yesterday at this time in some places. wind are not a big issue out of the northwest, so it is on the chilly side but getting to that time of the year. sunrise is 7:29 this morning and it was quite the cool down yesterday. first time this week we have been below average, we only got to 60 degrees. fifty-eight is your halloween high. mostly sunny skies and why not lets call it freaky friday. but weather should cooperate with your plans for today, we will have a seven day forecast, coming up next, look who is doing track now, if you just woke up, welcome bob kelly. >> good morning everybody. my first time together with you guys, the 4:00 to 7:00 a.m. crew. >> what do you think so far. >> owe far, so good. coffee is hot, everything is good. >> where did you get hot coffee. >> hold on. good morning, everybody. hold on, downingtown, a live look, at the pennsylvania
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turnpike, roads are quiet but sue mentioned it is a chilly start getting ready to get the kids out in the bus stop. make sure they are bunled up. you will need that jacket this morning. crash in montgomery county upper state road we are just off of route 202, so watch out for police a activity there. left over work crew for gang rolling up through chester county here, north on 202 down to one lane and notice a new paved roadway on the ramps from 202, to the schuylkill expressway. wake up up, in problems at all, double five's across the board here on the speedometer readings. off to a nice quiet start on the road. i know we are on edge about a possible septa strike, we will be okay this morning. buses, trains, trolleys looking good with in reported delays, chris and kerry back over to you. 4:33. happening right now, suspect cop killer eric frein will make his first court appearance this morning. u.s. marshals took in custody last night following a 48 day manhunt. he was not only the most wanted man in pennsylvania but
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he was also on the fbi's most wanted list. fbi updating their web site overnight with the word captured underneath his picture. frein has been on the run since early september. >> he was found in an abandoned airplane hanger by a team of u.s. marshals. there he is. this is what they have been waiting to see. frein is charged with shooting two state troopers at blooming grove state police barracks killing corporal brian dickson and wounding alex douglass. after his arrest frein was placed in dickson's handcuffs and car. police say he earned iserd peacefully kneeling and putting his hand up when marshals approached him. frein's capture end weeks of tension and turmoil in that area as authorities closed schools and canceled outdoor events. they have block road to pursue him. residents grew weary and local businesses reported losses as people were forced to stay inn their homes. law enforcement combed miles of forest as they hunted for him. they used dogs, thermal
4:35 am
imaging technology and other tools as well. >> douglass and his family and dick-sons's family expressing relief ape gratitude. dickson was lated to rest last month and at his funeral friend and family described him as a husband and father took his work seriously. douglass was shot in the pelvis and critically injured in the ambush. what hes hospitalized until earlier this month when he was discharged to a rehabilitation facility. state police say they were determined to find frein no matter how long it took. >> eric frein had a mission and that was to attack law enforce. if he got out of those woods we were credit very concerned that he would then kill other law enforcement and if not them, civilians. that is why we had to keep the pressure on him. we weren't going to stop until this fugitive was arrested. i'm glad that it ended without any other loss of life, including his own.
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>> steve keeley is heading to pike county and we will have a live report from him later this morning. two people including a fire fighter are injured when a fire ripped through a west philadelphia apartment building. >> lauren johnson live in west philadelphia with that story for you, lauren. >> reporter: good morning, kerry. sixty-six people total are at that shelter and four have of those are children. we are told everyone is okay and warm tonight. you can see the scene was recently cleared here. last fire engine just leaving. peco still here on the scene. big blaze broke out 11:45 last night. fire started on the third floor, but multiple floors of this four story building were engulf and fast moving flames. if you look at that video it ace macing no one was seriously injured. one person and fire fighters were taken to the hospital, 50 total units were evacuated and took an hour an 23 minutes to knock the flames down. we understand peco hut down electricity in this area. eleven other people are being
4:37 am
affect by all of this. four children at the shelter but they are being taken care have of and we understand red paws is helping red cross and they have rescued a few cats and turtles, kerry and chris. lauren johnson, thank you. meantime by now we have seen this video, a with man. >> cat calls. >> more than 100 times as she walks street in new york city. this is a amazing, all of the rude sexual willly harassing things as she walks through new york city, what they have said that set twitter on fire sp
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good morning. the the lava flow we have been talking about in hawaii, it is actually slowing down a bit. >> this is pa hoa, a hawaii. hawaii national guard ace cyst continuing residents with safety and security concerns as lava makes a slow crawl toward the major roads. so far that lava has shed tires and some vegetation. >> okay. what a beautiful morning, chilly, 42 in the city. colder north and west but that is all right, we are geared up for halloween. >> that is problem with clear skies it does mean sunshine and it means it is kill year when you get started during the day but at least it is in the raining. we are saving all that for tomorrow, ugh, we have 28 in mount pocono, 32 pottstown.
4:41 am
forty-two in philadelphia. lancaster we have 44 degrees. thirty-six millville. thirty-nine in wilmington. these are colder temperatures then yesterday at this time. we wanted to make sure you are aware of that and your trick or treat forecast, so exciting about 7:00 p.m. which is prime trick or treat time, it is cloudy and chilly, sunset will be 6:00 o'clock on the dot, that is a look at your weather authority forecast, so yeah, looking forward to a great night with the kids, was worried about some rain maybe earlier in the week but we were holding it off bob kelly until tomorrow. >> we love you, sue. happy halloween. are you ready to take the trip on the boo, route. get it, boo route this morning, here we go. look at this weak go for a fly here southbound on 476, in problems, from that plymouth meeting interchange down toward saint david's, and lancaster avenue. good morning to northeast philadelphia, live look at
4:42 am
i-95, castor avenue, right here before you head in the work zone there at girard. we are still looking at an accident overnight montgomery county upper state road just off of route 202. also one in lower gwynedd, sumanytown pike off of 202. bridges look fine at the moment. mass transit had has in reported delays. chris and kerry, with back to you. do you remember this video woman getting cat called and harassed on the treats of new york city. there is a celebrity that just set social media a buzz, commenting on it and people are in the happy with this particular celebrity right now. we will tell you what he
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good morning, quarter of 5:00 happening right now suspect cop killer eric frein is captured. he was found in an abandoned airport hanger by u.s. marshals after 48 days on the run. now authorities are revealing will new details about their search. police say they link the 31 year-old survivor list after a man discovered frein's partly submerge jeep. this was in a swamp three days after the shooting. inside investigators found shell casings, matching those at barracks as well as frein's driver's license, camouflage face paint, two empty rifle cases a and military gear. by the end of president police found items that frein hid event in wood that included food, ammunition, pipe bombs. they also found a journal at a
4:46 am
campsite which offered detailed account of the shooting. during the month of october hundreds of law enforcement officials descended on that area to try to find him. police spot a man they believe was frein at several point during their search but always from a distance. then finally yesterday he was captured surrendering without a shot. so many details continuing to come out, steve keeley on top of it, we will have a live report in pike county coming up in just a few minutes. extra help headed to chester to help fight crime and is what being ranked as within of the america's most dangerous cities. the city has received a million-dollar in grant money to install surveillance cameras, starting in the ten block area of the sun hill section. now new camera are in addition to help from federal and county officials and authorities. >> nothing will just stop crime in the track but this will be a deterrent and it will help us catch more people that committees crimes. >> some of the folks living in
4:47 am
chester hope those cameras will add an extra layer of protection. we will wait and see. meantime at 4:47, a saturday night live performer is feeling the heat following his comments about a social experiment video. we told you about the video of the woman cat called more than 100 times as she walk through new york city. a hidden camera recorded men saying all types of things to the 14 year-old. well, at day night live actor michael shea waved in saying i want to a will guys to all of the woman i have harassed with statements like hi, or have a nice day or you're beautiful, i can't imagine what that must feel like. >> oh, please. >> social media users called his comments tasteless. >> ridiculous. she's getting in the holiday spirit she incorporated her pregnancy in her costume by dressing as an oven with a bun inside. >> cute. >> cooking.
4:48 am
>> he shared this picture on instagram. that is tyler with her nine year-old son mylo. she said they were dressed up to go to school halloween dance like this, which is kind of cool. >> very cool. >> that is how she made at announcement. i like her. >> hollywood is land of make believe but on halloween hottest stars like to dress up for a night of tricks and treats. >> i was just saying i was just dressed a as myself because other people do it and that way nobody wells talk to me. >> i will scar a couple children on my street because i do a baby doll, hi, my name is maddie, i want to be your best friend. >> who was that. >> i have no idea who that is. >> does anyone know who that is, producers, who? >> davenport. >> lindsey davenport or susan
4:49 am
davenport. >> anyway, nobody that age is named susan anymore. >> okay. >> kylie davenport. >> madison. >> madison gaff even port we still don't know what she does but lets talk about this now. so they are going to a costume part think weekend. there is lots of scary movies including last weeks number one movie qugi. >> star madison davenport. >> and tenth anniversary of the rerelease of saw. >> okay. couple in mays landing new jersey ties the knot after a, fourth time we have said it this morning, spooktacu lar way. it included halloween costumes a float and more than 1,000 people. >> fox 29's sabina kuriakose was there for this sweet wedding. >> reporter: witches, gules, ghosts, and the bride and groom. wait, that is no costume.
4:50 am
>> we have come to go for halloween like a lot of people come together for christmas. >> reporter: thinks lauren and edward's wedding day. ghoulish guest lighting main street, four-by-eight foot wedding float at head of the mays landing epic halloween parade now entering its 60th year. make no mistake. >> what is in the pot is that love position. >> no. >> reporter: there is no need for a love spell here. >> everyone want a cinderella wedding, tradition, church whole thing and this is definitely not it but it is perfect for us. >> love is in the air any day of the week and the couple really loves halloween and you know, even though it is a happy time what a better day to get married. >> reporter: the super natural ceremony, conquered up as a way to do something different, something fun, something extra special for a town tradition. everything from the food, the
4:51 am
the flowers, donated by local businesses. >> i do think wedding is a big draw for people tonight. it is different. it is unique. something you don't get to see. >> reporter: this may be the largest most colorful wedding part think town has ever seen, there were a thousand people in attendance and what wedding is complete without a toss of the bouquet. give one couple the most magical of nights. >> it was pretty awesome. >> reporter: sabina kuriakose, fox 29 news. it is 4:51. we are looking ahead to lets call it foreseeable feature. first lets look at the seven day forecast. we have halloween today which is creepy and cool with a high temperature of 58 degrees. we will be in the mid 50's tomorrow, it will be chilly but rainy, and are windy and on sunday, even windier, with gusts maybe 30 miles an hour or more. don't forget saturday night is
4:52 am
when you have to turn your clock back an hour and you will be early for everything if you don't do that and mad at your self and all that stuff. anyway by the middle of the next week we will see temperatures in the 60's and back to normal but should be an adventurous weather weekend. hi bob kelly. >> sunday we are all early for church because we didn't change our clocks on saturday night. good morning, fishtown i-95 right here near girard avenue not that bad yet for gang leaving northeast heading in toward center city philadelphia work crews out there throughout the weekend. look out for that one. crash this bala cynwyd on city avenue at king's grant drive right before the ramps for the schuylkill expressway but otherwise nice and quiet for friday morning halloween start. speedometer readings in the 50's on the plea route, schuylkill and up and down the roosevelt boulevard. same deal up and down for south jersey turnpike and 295, all in good shape. had mass transit looking good at the moment with no reported
4:53 am
delays. chris and kerry back to you. >> bob, you have kid. any of your kid wearing those popular colored contact this halloween this year. >> i like that. >> there is a warning about them. >> wow. >> that is freak y. >> warning for parent
4:54 am
4:55 am
4:56 am
>> happy halloween. >> um-hmm. >> as always, we have surprises planned for this show. we have one special guest we want to you know about yes, we know a lot of kids will go to see movie frozen so we have decided to have elsa come here this morning. she will be in studio this morning. we will interview her, talk to her about being elsa what is it like to have have super flowers, freeze things in place. >> sister wanting to marry him. she said no. is there still drama there with that. >> there could be residual feelings we wanting to through. that will be revealed as will our halloween costumes this year. we will surprise one another, with that said i think i necessity what i'm going to be. >> you should know by now because it start in a to you hours. >> yeah. >> anyhow. >> elsa will be at fourth and market outside at 9:00 this
4:57 am
morning as well. >> 9:00 o'clock sharp coming up. there will be a crowd. worried about a zombie a pock lips is there a new class a at san diego state university that will help curb those fears from the class will give students a better understanding about the undead. administrators hope it will facilitate discussions of society issues such as violence and other taboo topics. are you always tired? we don't mean i yawn a lot? we're talking truly severely broken down, exhausted. if so there may be a medical reason behind that. what you need to do if you are feeling super fatigued. >> we made it all the way through the week without a septa strike but will commuters have have a ride next week in particular for morning commute monday, that is big question today when
4:58 am
4:59 am
5:00 am
at 5:00 o'clock this morning, frein is captured. eric frein in custody a after nearly two months have a massive manhunt. we have new photos in this morning of him in custody, we will have that coming up. and lauren johnson is live from the scene of the ferocious fire that kicked more than 60 people out of their homes overnight, lauren. >> reporter: that is right, kerry, 69 people to be exact at a red cross shelter this morning. we will tell you exactly what happened coming up with a live report. if you are feeling


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